Synchronicity in a ZPE economy

Owning ZPEcoin™ makes you a stakeholder in GAEA Research projects that can change the world – for the better. Your ZPEcoins are stored here in your wallet. While your money is being wisely used to perfect GAEA’s un-metered electricity and other benevolent technologies, your coins remain in your wallet where they represent a store of value and an asset to you.

After our Token round ends you may begin trading ZPEcoins on the open-exchange markets. You could convert them from coins to cash or choose to save them and be first to get our new energy products. Or maybe you’ll want to hold them because they might go up in value.  Like Bitcoin, our coin values will go up and down, however, unlike other coins, our’s is value-based because it’s tied to replacing the $60-trillion annual energy economy.

ZPEcoin is an innovative and elegant solution to an old, ugly problem.

Electricity as a right of humanity

Imagine that a single ZPEcoin™ increases enough in the near future to pay for a unit that will power a household with all its electrical needs. Now imagine that our more fortunate stakeholders are moved to donate one of their coins to provide power to a family that has never had electricity available to them. Over 12% do not.

More benefits

  • The $2-quadrillion reduction in future energy consumption costs is a tangible asset that would remain in the consumer’s pocket.
  • Hydrocarbon production would reduce to a small fraction of what it is today. Gaea – Mother Earth, heals and returns to her natural cycles of sustaining life.
  • As the new energy economy evolves, the desire to control resources diminishes along with the war-like consequences we’ve all observed and been affected by.

The ironic juxtaposition of this proposition is that we’re already committed to spending more in future money, as we’ll undoubtedly want to continue to heat our homes, travel freely and always keep our mobile phones powered-up.

Perhaps even more ironic is that those who oppose… would also benefit from an environment saved from the inevitable consequences of doing nothing.

Why ZPEcoin™ is a solution and not just a currency

ZPEcoins represent consumer purchasing power, not only for GAEA’s Infinergy™ products and services but for other uses including those listed here;

  • Perpetuate a decentralized worldwide energy economy.
  • Facilitate the purchase of Infinergy™ products.
  • Facilitate the purchase of Infinergy™ services, I.e. installation and maintenance.
  • Exclusive access to platform services.
  • Access to Distribution programs.
  • Access to inventors and specifications.
  • Trading ZPEcoin on the open cryptocurrency markets.
  • Conversion to other cryptocurrencies and Fiat cash denominations.
  • Access to cash-to-coin | coin-to-cash | coin debit card services.
  • Educational certification courses.
  • Webinar training curricula.
  • Experiential learning retreats.

Initial Objectives
Our initial 5-year objective is to maintain funding levels sufficient to provide working capital  needed for up-scaling operations sufficiently to meet production demands with a 2030 goal of 1.5 billion units in service. After the first 5-years we project sales revenues will obviate the necessity for new cash infusion.

Open Market Distribution Strategy

GAEA’s open market distribution strategy for ZPEcoin™ focuses on two main criteria;

  • Don’t flood the market with extraneous coins that would deplete stakeholder values,
  • Provide a continuing method to raise large sums of capital necessary to maintain the exponential growth required to reach our 2030 goal.

It’s time to act.