Quantum Power Cell: Forever changes the way we power our lives.

BIA – The Quantum Power Cell [QPC] technology

ZPE Quantum Power Cells are small, self-contained units with no moving parts that produce clean, usable electricity – silently.

Date started
June 2017


Dr. Nigel Cheese
Project to be expanded to include 5 electronic engineer and product design specialists in 2018.

Working prototypes. Scaled manufacturing designs under development.

Inventor’s Project Description
The Quantum Power Cell (QP Cell) or a.k.a. Quantum Battery project was conceptualized to provide efficient usable electricity derived from the quantum vacuum flux field, a source of fuel that is abundant and freely obtained.

Project BIA encompasses the development of our ZPE technology into modular building blocks known as Quantum Power Cells (QP Cells). Each QP Cell is capable of producing approximately 1-volt of continuous electricity. Cells are grouped together to produce the appropriate power for the specific application.

Prototype 1

The Quantum Power Cell is a tubular structure that looks like a AA battery, only smaller. However, unlike a battery, it produces both DC and AC voltages.

Each cell, approximately 10mm x 40mm is constructed of metal layers produce 10V [+/-] using no external power source other than the quantum flux field arranged in a Poynting vector.

Using a modular design of multiple 10V QP Cells which are grouped together, the QP Cell would accommodate a residential application. For example: 12-grouped QP Cells provides 60V DC and 120V AC output, which is sufficient power to light a home. QP Cell technology is scalable to over 1000 volts.

Quantum Power Cell using DC to power LED lights

Quantum Power Cell DC

Quantum Power Cells producing 20V +/-

Quantum Power Cell prototype design for smartphones

It’s time to act.