Zero Point Energy Technology

Project BIA

GAEA Research is developing products that will empower our lives with clean electricity. Products fueled by the inexhaustible quantum vacuum flux field, more commonly known as Zero Point Energy or ZPE.  ZPEcoin™ supports the accelerated delivery of clean energy devices that can provide us with unlimited amounts of electricity without metered charges.

Project BIA defines the research and development of all GAEA ZPE technologies.  We anticipate that hundreds of individual products will be developed under BIA. Together they’re known as the RSET family, sold under the Infinergy brand name and distributed via 3rd-party partnerships.


Independent inventors are the life-blood of our efforts.  Inventors that have significant technologies and are willing to gift them to humanity are encouraged to contact us. Several have already. GAEA’s sole purpose is to support the development of benevolent technologies from the garage-to-people’s hands.

We don’t ask inventors to turn-over ownership of their intellectual property. Our approach is to help inventors develop their ideas into viable products and to facilitate the manufacture and distribution of those products to the open market.  Inventors are compensated based on sales of their products via a royalty contract.   The criteria to join our inventor incubator program is to have a significant idea, that cannot be weaponized, and once developed would be likely to benefit humanity by improving our lives. 


The Quantum Power Cell – QPC, is GAEA’s advanced technology designed to power small portable devices like our smartphones and laptops with continuous electricity.   

QP’Cs are modular and can be stacked together to produce the amount of electricity required for the application. This disruptive new technology is so simple and inexpensive, it will forever change the way we power our portable devices.


RPP – Radiant Power Panel is our new technology designed to power our homes and small businesses with continuous electricity. RPP converts light into usable electricity. RPP is not solar and unlike solar panels, it’s 99.98% efficient.

RPP produces no heat in the conversion process and extends component life exponentially. RPP uses sunlight but does not require it to work.  RPP collects energy from all light sources including starlight, the moon’s reflection and artificial light sources. 


GAEA’s EMI technology is designed for large commercial and industrial AC power applications.  EMI converts Zero Point Energy directly to AC via a proprietary technology invented by Professor Nigel, GAEA’s Chief Technologist.

The EMI technology are being closely held due to its enormous power generation potential.  The application of EMI installations must be closely vetted and monitored for beneficial uses only.