GAEA’S R-SET – Your Energy Future, Now

GAEA’S R-SET – Your Energy Future, Now

June 6th 2018, GAEA Research released a proof-of-concept video and presentation demonstrating the abilities of their new R-SET Technology. R-SET stands for Radiant Scalable Energy Transformation, and it sets a new benchmark in high density clean energy generation.

GAEA’s chief scientist and inventor, Nigel C. Cheese, states that the technology collects Background Stellar Radiation via an RPP (Radiant Power Panel). The video released demonstrates the system collecting and converting this energy into a solid and dependable energy store – meeting the delivery requirements of our traditional Electron-based systems.

With a scalable DC output (in this case 14V) our radiant energy is converted to 230V AC via a standard commercial Inverter, allowing the operation of any 230V device that the Inverter will support. In the case of this video, we power a Dremel that peaks at upwards of 10 Amps and 225W. The R-SET has also powered Laptops, Residential Lighting and a host of USB devices.

While this may seem unremarkable to some, we assure you it is groundbreaking and significant. Indeed, this new energy could represent the future path for humanity and our ability to get off fossil fuels and the vulnerable and dangerous wired electric grid.

GAEA’s R-SET produces unlimited clean electricity, from a limitless source. It is intelligent and sympathetic, giving only what is needed – no more, no less and no overheating issues. It does no harm to life in its natural form and any voltage will pass harmlessly through the human body.

The R-SET technology can be designed to power everything from Emergency Energy packs, all the way to large commercial and industrial installations, and a myriad of applications in between.

Stellar energy extraction has been known of for more than 100 years, and now current technologies allow for its extraction and harvesting. Had Tesla had his way 100-years ago, we would have enjoyed free electricity delivered wirelessly and the majority of the world’s oil store would still be underground.

At GAEA, we intend to bring its tech directly to humanity in the most propitious manner possible. And since GAEA does not make or sell products directly, preferring to license our inventor’s tech only, we must have partners.

GAEA is forging a contract with humanity whereby like-minded individuals and companies alike will make it happen. Individuals buy GAEA’s ZPEcoin (click the link below to find out more) forming our grassroots spine, while we both support our valuable inventors and seek like minded organizations to manufacture and distribute GAEA product designs.

This creates the mechanism for humanity to control its own destiny. GAEA has the tech and now it’s up to you and me and all of us together.