What is the difference between ZPEcoin™ and other coins?
ZPEcoin is underwritten by the receding $60-trillion dollar annual petrol-dollar economy. ZPEcoin is the exclusive method of acquiring GAEA’s Infinergy™ products. You must own ZPEcoin to get unlimited power Infinergy™ products. As worldwide purchasing power is diverted from the petrol-based economy to our new decentralized, consumer-based economy, the intrinsic value of ZPEcoin will naturally increase.

What is the advantage of ZPE over other types of electricity?
ZPE energy is clean and produces no harmful emissions. ZPE energy is unmettered and eliminates monthly usage charges. ZPE devices provide continuous power and do not need to be recharged or connected to the electric power grid. ZPE products are portable and operate autonomously. Therefore ZPE energy is not subject to wide area outages or other vulnerabilities associated with our existing power grid.

How is ZPE more user friendly?
ZPE energy devices are constructed with solid state materials and have no moving parts. ZPE energy devices do not electrocute in there native form, even when both terminals are accidentally touched. ZPE devices can be purchased for a one-time fee and no monthly usage or replacement costs apply.

Cryptocurrency seems complicated.
Buying ZPEcoins and product is easy.  You can use your credit cards or other preferred payment method on our site. Conversion to ZPEcoin happens in the background.

How can I buy ZPE Tokens?
To purchase ZPEcoins simply visit zpecoin.com and complete your purchase.

Can I use another cryptocurrency to purchase ZPEcoin?
In addition to credit cards and Paypal, you may purchase ZPEcoin with 4 cryptocoins on our website. When you checkout on our website you’ll be offered the option to purchase ZPEcoin with;

  • BTC – Bitcoin
  • BCH – Bitcoin Cash
  • ETH – Ethereum
  • LTC – Litecoin

We recommend that you use the MyEtherWallet (a web wallet – https://www.myetherwallet.com)

Check https://tokenmarket.net/what-is/ethereum-token-wallets/ for more information.

How can I check my ZPE token balance?
You may check your token balance by logging in to your account at zpecoin.com  The first time you login to your account you must setup a user name and password. Your account displays your ZPEcoin wallet where you you can see your account balance.

You may also use your own online or offline wallet.  This is only recommended for those who are familiar and comfortable with trading cryptocurrencies.

What are the minimum and maximum amounts that may be purchased on the ZPEcoin site?
The minimum amount is 5 ZPEcoin.
There is no maximum amount.

When will I receive my ZPEcoins?
Soon after you compete your purchase, ZPEcoins will be available in your ZPEcoin wallet here on this website. Please refer to How Can I Check My ZPEcoin Balance?

I purchased ZPEcoin during the Pre-coin Sale, when will I receive them?
ZPEcoins have been allocated to every purchaser who completed their transactions before 11:59 PM, Wednesday, the 31st of January, when the Pre-coin sale ended.  To see your account balances, please refer to the account setup instructions at: How can I check my ZPE token balance?

How does ZPE work?
ZPE is electromagnetic energy.  Electromagnetic energy exists everywhere in the universe. Every atom, person, planet and galaxy each have their own electromagnetic fields that surrounds them.  GAEA technology is able to transform electromagnetic energy into usable electricity.

You might think of it this way. Envision a nuclear bomb where two atoms are smashed together, causing a huge explosion. There is a tremendous amount of power in a single atom. While we don’t smash anything together, our technology accesses the same power and we’re able to safely convert it to usable electricity. Scientists say there is enough energy in a square centimeter of seemingly empty space to power the earth’s needs for a day.