Crypto Currency meets Zero Point Energy

Transitioning to a new energy economy is key to accomplishing our Mission. Cryptocurrency is the logical method of redirecting purchasing power from the old petrol-based, to a new consumer-based energy economy. While ZPEcoin funds the development of ZPE technologies, it will naturally redistribute the wealth of the world’s largest economy back to energy consumers.

ZPE technology is real. It’s been done before and now we’re doing it again. As we do, extraordinary benefits will begin to ascend to all humanity. That’s our goal.

Join us and together we’ll make our vision – reality. Find out more about ZPE Coin.

It’s time to act.

Supporters purchasing ZPEcoin™ become Stakeholders in the outcome of the project. While their money is working to transform the energy economy, Stakeholders have the distinct chance of preserving and growing the value and purchasing power of their ZPEcoin™.

ZPEcoin™ operates on Ethereum blockchain EVM platform using a custom smart contract administered with Solidity. ZPEcoin™ adheres to Ethereum’s Standardized_Contract_APIs.

The benefits of Zero Point Energy


Our purpose is to identify, develop and release Free Energy Technologies that will move us towards sustainable energy generation. Giving the earth time to heal herself and ultimately deliver us a healthy and robust ecology. We have no choice – we have to act.


Right now we have little freedom of choice regarding our energy purchases – we are shopping for discounts. Gaea believes and can demonstrate that unlimited and unmetered energy is freely available to every citizen of earth. So why are we still paying for it?


With the freedoms that these technologies give, we can begin to break the economic strain caused by rising energy consumption and costs. And perhaps humanity will finally see a world where energy contributes to society, rather than costing it – and we think that wouldn’t be half bad!

Zero Point Energy Technology

Zero Point Energy is harvested from the electromagnetic quantum vacuum flux field that exists everywhere in the universe. The amount of usable electricity that can be extracted from ZPE is inexhaustible, renewable and so vast that it cannot be accurately calculated. Physicists speculate that a single square centimeter of seemingly empty space contains enough potential electricity to power the earth’s needs for a day.

Quantum Power Cell

The Quantum Power Cell (QPC) has been proven to work in our labs. Working prototypes have been built.  QPC continues to undergo engineering to improve longevity. Our scientists are exploring nano-materials and alternate designs before it will become a viable product. So please stay-tuned and help if you can.

QPC has the potential to become a disruptive technology that could one day replace environmentally hazardous batteries, with low cost, ecologically friendly, unlimited energy.

Radiant Power Panel

The Radiant Power Panel (RPP) is a game-changing technology and a unique approach to converting light-to-electricity. RPP forms the core component of GAEA’s RSET vision, a family of product designs to power everything we use.

RPP operates at magnitudes of higher efficiency and smaller form factors than current solar solutions.  We expect RSET products will be considerably more affordable, too.


Electromagnetic Inverter

The EMI (Electromagnetic Inverter) harnesses electromagnetic energy collected from the quantum flux field – converting this limitless source into usable AC power.

The EMI unit is suitable for new and retrofitted AC applications, such as a large building, warehouse or industrial manufacturing facility without metered electricity charges required

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